Tapping the World's Reserves of Classic Rock!

Two hours, maybe a bit more, of classic rock songs played loud and with passion. Octane Spring are the perfect four piece for a Saturday night at the local pub, a private party or to get the crowd up and dancing at a local festival. And we can also knock out a slow and low blues set for lazy Sunday afternoons.

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Meet the band:

Jon -
A would-be, should-be legend returning to the local scene after far too long. Jon brings his positive spirit and powerful voice to every gig and makes every song he sings his own.

Pete - He loves cars. He loves guitars. He loves loud shirts and he wears rock and roll on his sleeve. Other bands have two guitarists, Octane Spring has Pete.

Howard - You probably underestimate the bass. Howard is here to change that, bringing new energy and drive to classic lines.

Martyn - Solid and dependable, Martyn powers the band through the set with a smile on his face and the devil on his shoulder.

Contact & Bookings: info@octanespring.co.uk
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