We played the Friday night at RokeFest on May 25th and it was an amazing gig!

A proper stage (a rarity for us!), and proper lights, we had an absolute blast. We were joined on stage by Jo Chapman, who did backing vocals for a few numbers, then took the main vocal for a storming rendition of Tina Turners 'Nutbush City Limits'.



Thanks to awesome Stacy for the pics.

Here's a quick video recap of our set, be warned though, it gets a bit trippy at the end:

All proceeds from the weekend went to benefit Cancer Research UK, a very worthy cause.

If you want to see our whole set, un-edited, check this out. Skip to 50 minutes in to see Jo's Tina Turner track, and then John & Jo's duet on 'Bad Case of Loving You', awesome!:

Thanks to Jo for joining us onstage! And big thanks to Andrew for arranging the gig and being a superb organiser for the whole weekend. We enjoyed it so much we went back on Saturday, sank some beers, sat back and watched some great bands.

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